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oh the things i do for free things. doctor series 6 giveaway scavenger hunt thingy. enjoy some mildly unattractive pictures of my face :P

1. A weeping angel statue - they’re all over my backyard. *shudder* oh and the weeping angel i crocheted is there too. (how’d it get out of my room?)

2. Jelly Babies Candy - sour patch kids. candy made of jelly-like substance. kids = babies… kinda..

3. A cool Bow Tie - one of the many bowties i own

4. A Fez - picture of me when i was aladdin two summers ago. if you look closely, im wearing a fez. ya.

5. A Roman Soldier Guard or A Peg Doll - one of our christmas decorations. more of a king than a guard, but it’s wooden so peg doll i guess. it works for both.. maybe.. idk. i say it counts.

if you follow me and dont watch doctor who, kindly ignore this post :D that is all.


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